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Each of us has visions, dreams and desires or needs to be more healthy and happy.. Your life is there to realize them and to live your best life and be happy and healthy in our best version of ourselves. Life does not consist of only one area but of several, therefore it is advisable to work on several areas which can be improved. Wether you are an entrepreneur or not (yet), maybe you want to improve your life or you need help with your business.. You can expect the following:

High performance & consistency & more resilience to stress

Your performance and execution is low? You can't keep up the consistency and stick to good habits long term. Your days are chaotic & you don't do enough Deep inner Work. You waste time on unimportant stuff every day, not progressing as fast as you could?
you will implement routines which will stop the ups and downs, by pushing your inner power by ancient techniques (asian culture & NLP)

Stepping into alignment with your truth & stop being sick

Being often sick & tired, lack of health & hopeless is a situation where many people find themselves. Maybe even panic attacks show up from time to time or you don't like to wake up in the morning? Get ready for your most vital and healthy version of yourself. Find your mind-body-connection & get rid of chronic sickness. Change your life & start living in alignment with your truth.

Remembrance of your innate worth & feel wholeness.

You feel tired, You're not consistent with exercise and health? Do you feel pain and work often late, but still feel guilty of not working enough. You have problems letting go and being present? With Divinity Creation & Elisabeth's methods you will transform this state into feeling again your inner power and worthiness, making you strong & feeling joy again & stop with negative habits like smoking or drinking.

Want to scale your life quality & performance to the next level?
I help you to improve your overall lifestyle (resilience to stress, wealth, ...)  in 90 days.

I'm Eli and I support you in optimizing your lifestyle by creating happiness, wealth and freedom inside as well as outside. As well as building a meaningful, location-independent life, living in freedom and self-determination.

My main purpose is to help others with my expertise in wealth creation, holistic lifestyle coaching, meditation and NLP to also realize their life dreams with the help of digital and human opportunities! For this I have implemented my coaching program. I am a Private Coach for wealth- & performance-oriented people who like to reflect and chase unlimited success, inner peace and fulfillment.

In addition, I show you how to continuously maintain growth on a  spiritual and material level.

My approach focuses on inner power and radical honesty as the gateway to ultimate transformation and healing. I create spaces for deep transformation and healing through tools such as 1:1 Coaching, Meditation and Breathwork. Everything about my work is an invitation to soften, meet and integrate all parts of you to guide you back into remembrance of your innate worth and wholeness. Working with me is an initiation into Self-Leadership and empowerment for your life and knowing more about your visions and goals.

Do you already have your own business? I support you in the areas of marketing and management as well as event planning or community & customer care.

Together we will develop your individual roadmap to your vision & success, be it on the level of mental or physical performance or other areas of your life.

Solving these challenges is what we do everyday - All Our Services:

Virtual Business Assistance (Marketing & Management) and Life Coaching is our Purpose & our Expertise. We know exactly what to do to help you create inner & outer wealth & optimize your lifestyle on all levels & support your career!

Career & Virtual Business Assistance

Virtual Assistance in marketing & management for your established business: We offer excellent service & reliability and total confidentiality.
We assist in Content Marketing (instagram & facebook), SEO, YouTube & provide Virtual Assistance in Management & Strategic Organization, Customer Care and Luxury Company Events. Furthermore, we help you to launch an authentic online presence in Instagram. We help to expand or change your career with our coaching program.


Community & Brand: Digital Opportunities

As you focus towards your vision & purpose you might start an own community, or you have one? The new economy serves us with new opportunities to really create Brand awareness & Community sense with your customers. Gucci and Nike are already doing it. Create strong branding with company NFTs which you can offer your community for an unique experience. 1:1 Branding sessions for the launch of your lifestyle / business branding NFTs as well as support with your social media marketing launch.


Divine Lifestyle & Wealth Coaching

Happiness and wealth comes from within in many small steps. These are e.g. physical and mental vitality & health, inner peace, love & fulfillment & wealth. Many areas that add up to wealth. We improve these areas with individually created routines after analyzing your situation (Ayurveda or standard analysis). Targeted techniques lead to better habits, and those lead to better quality of life. We provide consistent focus on your growth & use proven techniques



Years of Sports & Mental Training Experience


Years Expereince


Expert Advisor


Happy Client

Work with me - Expert Advisor

I am Eli - passionate entrepreneur for 3 years and active athlete for 12 years (martial arts, weight training, endurance sports, yoga). My lifestyle consists of optimization on all levels - in business, self-awareness, emotional intelligence, vocation, sports, health through natural performance food and therefore optimization of mental and physical performance in career and life. Being active in martial arts for several years (K1, Muay Thai) besides my business, studies and traveling, I want to accompany people like you how to achieve your mental power. I am the founder of DIVINITY CREATION, a brand for a wealthy divine lifestyle on all levels - divine in fact ('DIVINE')! With the possibility to work online and location-independent I live in Dubai, the most growing city. I have already lived in my home country Austria, in Sardinia, also for a long time in Thailand, in Cyprus and in Dubai. This may sound like a joke, but for me the dream of a life in abundance and wealth became reality - YOU can do it too! It ALL starts within you. I have made it my main goal to help others with my expertise in digital business, holistic lifestyle coaching, Buddhism, meditation and NLP to also realize their life dreams. For this I have implemented my coaching for performance & wealth- oriented people who like to reflect and chase unlimited success, inner peace, wealth and fulfillment. With my coaching you can achieve growth in your life in various areas. Be it in the area of work/business, wealth, being happier, optimizing vitality or creating more resilience and mental strength. Do you already have your own business? I support you in the areas of marketing and management. Start living your vision NOW, change your life and touch people's hearts.




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