The Fusion of Coaching and todays digital Opportunities for Holistic Success & Freedom in all aspects

At Divinity Creation we perceive success as a synthesis of personal development and holistic aligned decisions. We are affiliate marketing partners of a strong network which helps you to release The Divine Force to create Your Divine Life & Career. We thrive for authenticity and Excellence in Marketing, Coaching and Consulting. Our mission is to connect you as a high potential individual in unleashing their full potential. By blending individual coaching, rooted in Buddhist principles, we create a unique synergy that accompanies you on your journey toward sustainable success.

1:1 Lifestyle Coaching & Group Coaching

Coaching gives you the fuel to get you into action and to change your situation. This is a true „wake-up call” for most people. We focus on guiding you towards ways to manifest anything you like. Our seasoned coaches take a holistic approach based on Buddhist principles. We firmly believe that genuine leadership roots in inner harmony and mindfulness. From resilience to emotional intelligence, we guide you in discovering your full potential and operating in harmony with yourself and others.

Affiliate Marketing & Onlinemarketing

We are Experts in affiliate marketing. Strategic Consulting for your professional appearance on Social media and viral YouTube content. We cooperate with the best affiliate companies and we have a top affiliate level with an 8 figure affiliate business. We focus on growing our network by creating win-win situations. By our Affiliate Marketing Strategies. People are able to create time and financial freedom by building up successful online businesses. We also offer you business assistance and consulting

Business Assistance & Consulting

We guide you to create more corporate and private wealth by improving your mindset and your organizational structures. We show you the best opportunities of our partners for wealth creation by creating exclusive opportunities. Immerse yourself in the world of smart working. We understand the dynamics of the world and craft customized strategies reflecting your long-term goals on a private but also corporate level. Trust our partners and experts to optimize your life holistically and ensure enduring success.


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Expert Advisors

Our Experts will assist you and create individual solutions for you. We focus on the personal contact to help everybody on an individual level. We have a huge network of experts and law experts on an international level, where we may help you to find the perfect assistance for your requirements to build your base for success in life.



Manager, Consultant & Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Former Austrian K1 Kickboxing Champion



8 Figure Top Affiliiate & Onlinebusiness & Marketing Expert

Marketing & Administration Team

Marketing & Administration Team

Administration & Social Media Assistance & Affiliate Marketing Partners

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