Welcome to Divinity Creation, your chance to create your divine life & career with the guidance of Elisabeth. If you're a high-class person, founder, or sports enthusiast and want to scale your mind & body performance, your resilience and joy for life to the next level? Mastering your emotional reactions with resilience like Buddha! Elisabeth guides you to improve your overall inner wealth and abundance, especially the resilience and an abundance mindset in 90 days. Unleash your highest performance and abundance, you've come to the right place! Elisabeth uses various holistic methods like meditation, breathwork and NLP to improve your overall abundance mindset. Her approach focuses on inner power and radical honesty as the gateway to ultimate transformation. She creates spaces for deep transformation and healing. With Elisabeth's expertise in digital business, holistic coaching, Buddhism and NLP, you can achieve growth in your life in various areas such as career, wealth, happiness, vitality and mental power. We offer also business assistance services  in the areas of marketing and management. Elisabeth lived in various countries and has made it her main goal to guide others realize their mental power and live a divine lifestyle on all levels. Schedule a consultation with Elisabeth today.

Unleash high performance, joy & resilience by deep understanding & mastering emotional reactions

All high class individuals, executives, founders and athlethes have visions, dreams and desires or needs to be more healthy, divine and more happy and needs reslience for todays llfe strong emotional reactions!

Higher resilience to stress & handling of emotional triggers

Your performance is low? You have strong emotional reactions caused by stress? It is hard to stick to good habits long term, you don't do enough inner Work. You waste time because of emotional triggers every day because you loose control about your thoughts and feelings? You will implement routines which will stop the ups and downs, by pushing your inner power by proven methods &ancient knowledge!

Stepping into alignment with your truth

Being often sick & tired, lack of health & hopeless is a situation where many people find themselves. Maybe even panic attacks show up from time to time or you don't like to wake up in the morning? Get ready for your most vital and healthy version of yourself. Find your mind-body-connection & get rid of chronic sickness. Change your life & start living in alignment with your truth.

Remembrance of your innate worth & feel wholeness.

You feel tired, you feel pain and work often late, but still feel guilty of not working enough. You have problems letting go and being present? With Divinity Creation & our Program lets Wealth you will transform this state into feeling again your inner power and worthiness, making you strong & feeling pure joy, gratitude & even stop with negative habits like smoking or drinking.

More Than Another Life Coach: Join Let's Wealth

Can you imagine being the most joyful version of yourself feeling the pure gratitude for life & laughing deeply from your heart because you are so happy with no reason? You, Breaking your records daily, no matter if it is in business, like getting new dream clients or sports, achieving your next level.. not leaving behind your spiritual needs as a human being. This is where resilience brings you because you can handle everything and just want to climb the next ladder.


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  • You contact me and let me know, how I can serve you. Give us a few infos about your situation and your needs.

Virtual coffee meeting

  • We will have a Virtual Coffee Meeting & I will show you if & how I can guide & serve you.
  • After a 30 minute session we will have 100% clarity about next steps & you get feedback about a potential opportunity to join the Mentoring Lets Wealth in case the program is attractive for you.
Let's Wealth

Some Benefits

    If I can provide you a space you can expect some of those Benefits in general...
  • Health (Buddhist practices)
  • Self Love (Alignment of your soul)
  • Inner Wealth (Joy, Gratitude,...)
  • Divine Performance (Resilience, Power, ...)


Years of Sports & Mental Training Experience


Years Expereince


Expert Advisor


Happy Client

Expert Advisor

I am Eli - passionate entrepreneur & active athlete for 15 years (martial arts, weight training, endurance sports, yoga). My lifestyle in the last year consisted of performing on all levels - in business, self-awareness, emotional intelligence, sports, health through nature treasures and therefore mental & physical performance in career and life. Besides my studies, career and traveling, being active in martial arts for several years (K1, Muay Thai), I found my purpose. I wanted a career which could bring value to people’s lifes in meaningful and long lasting ways, later on, I understood that I can use my natural abilities to accomplish my purpose! I want to guide people like you how to get back your mental power. I am the founder of DIVINITY CREATION, a brand for a abdunant, divine lifestyle on all levels - divine in fact ('DIVINE')! I have already lived in my home country Austria, in Sardinia, also for a long time in Thailand, in Cyprus and in Dubai. This may sound like a joke, but for me the dream of a life in abundance and inner and outer wealth became reality - YOU can do it too! It ALL starts within you. I have made it my main goal to help others with my expertise in digital business, holistic lifestyle coaching, Buddhism, meditation and NLP to also realize their dreams. For this I have implemented my coaching for performance & abundnace- oriented people who like to reflect and chase unlimited success, inner peace, wealth and fulfillment. With my coaching you can achieve growth in your life in various areas. Be it in the area of work/business, wealth, being happier, optimizing vitality or creating more resilience and mental strength. Do you already have your own business? I support you in the areas of marketing and management. Start living your vision NOW, change your life and touch people's hearts.



Founder & Coach

Your Time for Divine Abundance is now: This will Change For You In LETS WEALTH

If you are chosen to join Lets Wealth, you can expect many changes, these are 3 of them...

You work on this mindset issues & change them to..

X I can not do this.
- I can achieve anything if I want to.

X Challenge? No thank you, I don't like problems
-Challenge? Yes, with pleasure!

X I don't like to exhaust myself
-To succeed, you have to work hard.

X If I fail, I am a looser.
-If I fail, I learn.

X ​My Talents detemine everything
-Commitment and will determine everything.

X Life is difficult and exhausting.
- I am the creator of my life and I have the power.

X I am a victim of circumstances.
- I am the master of any situation and I can handle it with my inner power and limitless strength.


You integrate an abundance mindset & resilience

Coaching sessions gives you the fuel to get you into action and to change your situation. This is a true „wake-up call” for most people, as they choose to take the responsibility for their own results in life now!
It will shift all your perspectives, will bring more energy, focus, clarity and happiness.
Through coaching we have the opportunity to make powerful changes in your personal & professional life, to dive deep into what it is that you really want, how to achieve it and how to overcome challenges. Knowing how your brain can be your best friend or your biggest enemy because 99% of the issues we face in life, are generated by our own mind. You will benefit of unique coaching which keeps you focused, you let go old patterns and harmful habits, creating sustainable change! Career, love life, relationships, confidence, decisions and emotional & physical vitality.


Divine Coaching

Happiness, Resilience and Abundance come from within in small steps. It is very individual and depends on where you are now! These are e.g. physical and mental vitality & health, inner peace, love & fulfillment & abundance. We improve these areas with individually created routines after analyzing your special situation (Ayurveda & NLP techniques). Targeted methods lead to better habits, those lead to better quality of life. We provide consistent focus on your growth & use proven techniques.

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