Elisabeth Eberl


I am Eli – passionate entrepreneur for 3 years and active athlete for 12 years (martial arts, weight training, endurance sports, yoga).
My lifestyle consists of performance and optimization on all levels – in business, self-awareness, emotional intelligence, vocation, sports, health through nature and performance food and therefore optimization of mental and physical performance in business and private. Being active in martial arts for several years (K1, Muay Thai) besides my business studies and traveling, I want to accompany people like you how to achieve your mental power. I am the founder of DIVINITY CREATION, a brand for a wonderful and optimized lifestyle on all levels – divine in fact (‘DIVINE’)! With the possibility to work online and location-independent I lead a life in the most beautiful places in the world.
My business in the field of coaching and virtual business assistance I always take with me with my laptop & cell phone – no matter where I am. The world is my home – I have already lived in my home country Austria, in Sardinia, also for a long time in Thailand, in Cyprus and in Dubai. This may sound like a joke to you or too good to be true, but for me the dream of a free and happy life in abundance and wealth became reality – and YOU can too!

I have made it my main goal to help others with my expertise in digital business, holistic lifestyle coaching, Buddhism, biohacking, meditation and NLP to also realize their life dreams with the help of digital and human possibilities!

For this I have implemented my coaching. I am a Private Coach for performance – oriented people who like to reflect and chase unlimited success, inner peach and fulfillment.
With my coaching you can optimize your life in various areas. Be it in the area of work/business, wealth, being happier, optimizing fitness & health or mental strength in general – together we will find an individual strategy!

My passion is always to improve its standards, to optimize with the help of biohacking, sports, awareness, authentic branding/marketing, travel and business led me to follow my dreams and take risks. Now I want to inspire, motivate and guide you in how to do that too.  Integrating Asian principles and lifestyles into your daily life can help you achieve maximum performance and freedom (inside and out) financially and personally.

Together we will develop your individual roadmap to inner success, may it be on the level of mental or physical performance or other areas of your life. We go through all the necessary steps practically together and inspire you and your favorite people.

When it comes to online business, I will guide you step by step from the starting point, i.e. from brainstorming away to your appearance on social media.

Do you already have your own business? I support you in the areas of marketing and management as well as organization, event planning or community & customer care.

Start living your vision NOW, change your life and touch people’s hearts and infect them with your euphoria and joy about a free and happy life – in the place where YOU like it best!


Über mich Ich bin Eli – 50% digitale Nomadin und leidenschaftliche Unternehmerin und Sportlerin, da ich mehrere Jahre auch im Kampfsport aktiv war (K1 und Muay Thai) neben meinem Wirtschaftsstudium und Reisen. Oder genauer gesagt Gründerin von DIVINITY CREATION, meine Brand für einen wundervollen und optimierten Lifestyle auf allen Ebenen – göttlich eben (‘DIVINE’)! Durch die Möglichkeit online und damit ortsunabhängig zu arbeiten, bin ich maximal flexibel und führe ein Leben an den schönsten Orten der Welt. Mein Business nehme ich mit Laptop & Handy immer mit – egal wo ich bin. Die Welt ist mein zuhause aber gelebt habe ich bereits in meiner Heimat Österreich, in Sardinien, in Thailand, in Zypern und in Dubai. Das mag für dich vielleicht wie ein Witz klingen oder einfach nur zu schön, um wahr zu sein, aber für mich wurde der Traum von einem freien und glücklichen Leben in Fülle und Reichtum zur Realität – und DAS kannst DU auch! Ich habe es mir zum wichtigsten Ziel gemacht, anderen mit meiner Expertise in den Bereichen Digitales Unternehmertum, Lifestyle Coaching & Buddhismus, Mindset sowie ortsunabhängigen arbeiten zu helfen, auch ihre Lebensträume mithilfe der digitalen Möglichkeiten zu verwirklichen! Dafür habe ich mein Coaching implementiert, mit Hilfe dessen du dir dein Leben in diversen Bereichen optimieren kannst. Sei es im Bereich Arbeit/Business, Reichtum, Glücklicher sein, Fitness & Gesundheit oder generell mentale Stärke – gemeinsam finden wir deine individuelle Strategie!

My mission is to support YOU in the best possible way to build a long-term functioning life and business in true connection with other people and to enable you to live a life of mental and physical freedom and self-determination. For this purpose I show you how to develop yourself spiritually in life, how to grow successfully and how to gain more freedom, wealth and vitality and thus lift your lifestyle to the next level in all areas, like health, wealth, performance, happiness, vitality and mental wealth.

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