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What would you answer when someone asks you a very nice question, for example, let’s go for dinner to this beautiful sandy beach… You feel excited but in reality, you are tired and you prefer to do something else like working on your dreams or relaxing. 

Or your boss asks you to take over another task and you tell him yes okay I will do it but in reality, you don’t like to do it. Or your best friend introduces you to a new opportunity or his new girlfriend. 

In reality, so many people would not be able to say no to those questions even if they prefer to say no at this moment. I also had this problem some years ago! It is a common problem for people but fewer people are aware that it is their problem and their inner constraints to always be kind and always say yes to everything and everybody.

I will tell you the root cause of this: self-respect and self-love. 

Because whenever you say YES although you MEAN NO, at the same time you say NO to yourself. You say NO to YOUR values, to YOUR dreams, to YOUR LIFE. 

Do you know the result of this habit? Maybe some women who have thyroid issues like autoimmune issues like Hashimoto’s or also men can get autoimmune conditions.. and if we take care of the psychosomatic factors of human health we will find a connection between people who have a problem to communicate their needs, their NOs and their YES and their boundaries and autoimmune diseases. 

I just describe what I experienced. But I also was in the situation to stop the autoimmune reaction of the body by improving my mindset, self-love and getting good coaching, and also improving my overall lifestyle. And by improving self-respect you will automatically learn to say no when you mean no 🙂 Because you will stop disrespecting yourself. 

And then you will not run after everything. you will be able to stay in your passive feminine receiving energy and you will be in your full power. Start watching your dreams coming to you 10x faster 🙂 

To truly get where YOU want you to have the power to say NO!

In which situations have you had difficulties saying no? 


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